Company Profile

Hillside Press is an ELT publishing house which was founded in 1990. Hillside has offices in Athens. It is a vertically-integrated company which is engaged in all stages of book production: writing, layout design, editing, printing, marketing and distribution.

Our books place special emphasis on the individual student (who we teach), teaching methods (how we teach), as well as on educational objectives (what we teach). The books published by HILLSIDE PRESS satisfy the needs of all students learning English as a second language at the pre-junior, junior, intermediate and advanced levels.

We keep up to date with and incorporate into our publications current research from the global educational community in order to best help students learn and understand our complex and ever-changing world.

By focusing on the students, our books promote positive messages and values that cultivate solidarity, mutual respect and critical thinking.

Our publications include: coursebooks, workbooks, grammar books, skills books, exam books, CDs, DVDs and interactive ebooks (i-ebooks).

Our series are used in both public and private schools in Greece, Egypt, Cyprus, Turkey, Colombia, Albania, Bulgaria, Germany, etc.


Books with aesthetically-pleasing design and meaningful content