Professional presentations

Placing special emphasis on the individual student (who we teach), teaching methods (how we teach), as well as on educational objectives (what we teach), HILLSIDE PRESS provides PowerPoint presentations covering a wide range of topics here.

Educating for social change: promoting democratic values
Workshop – Writing
Workshop (junior & senior learners) 12 crucial points to take into account
Workshop (a & b junior learners) 12 crucial points to take into account
Peer-tutoring & Inclusion (awareness / self-assessment / empathy) – Workshop
Values and Principles in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
Το Παιδί με Δυσλεξία στο Σπίτι και το Σχολείο
The Social Outcast: Social Exclusion, Rejection and Bullying. The Educator’s Role
Teaching through Posters
How to Use Current Pedagogic Procedures in Teaching English