English-Greek Dictionary (Beginner-Intermediate)
English-Greek dictionary
Eva Tsiouri

An innovative dictionary especially designed for young learners of the English language (Beginner to Intermediate level).

  • Colour illustrations make it user-friendly for young learners
  • 26 full-page illustrations of everyday topic areas enabling young learners to recognize and learn basic everyday vocabulary
  • Each entry features pronunciation (in phonetic symbols), the Greek translation, an example based on real English language use and a Greek translation of this example. Derivatives and opposites are also listed and explained.
  • Twister, the dog, will show learners how to pronounce English sounds.
Greek-English Dictionary (Beginner-Intermediate)
Greek-English dictionary
Eva Tsiouri

An innovative dictionary specially designed for young learners of the English language (Beginner to Intermediate level).

  • About 6,500 entries cover the most commonly used Greek words with their English equivalent
  • More than 2,500 coloured illustrations have been used to make the dictionary lively and easy to understand.
  • Entries (Greek words) appear in alphabetical order. Each entry features the part of speech, the English translation and an example in Greek which is translated into English.
  • The only Greek-English Dictionary that includes mediation activities, role playing and project ideas.
Interactive Animated Dictionary
Interactive Animated Dictionary
Doris Brumma

The Interactive Animated Dictionary is appropriate for pupils at pre-junior, A & B junior levels. It has been especially designed for parents who wish to particiapte actively in their children's English language learning. This user-friendly, fun dictionary includes:

  • More than 800 animated words
  • Translation of the words in Greek
  • The audio of each word
  • 22 thematic units (e.g. clothes, animals, family, etc)
  • Interactive games
  • karaoke songs
  • Separate alphabet section that includes:
    • the sounds of the letters
    • the letters of the alphabet
    • 3-letter words for practising reading
    • karaoke songs
  • Ιnterface language: Greek
  • Built-in navigation video