Come Along 1 Coursebook

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Kane A.

The Come along 1 coursebook is the first book of the Come Along series. The objective of the course is for students to acquire a basic knowledge of the English language.

Key features of the coursebook

  • Simple and stable unit organization throughout the coursebook
  • 20 units divided into two parts
  • All parts of each unit are thematically linked
  • A multicultural theme which includes creative projects every four units
  • 5 revision sections
  • A page with self-assessment and study skills every four units
Teacher's Book 
The Teacher’s Book consists of the Student’s Book with overprinted answers and a detailed Teacher’s Guide for each lesson.
Project File CA 1
Project File CA 1 

This flip-over book is supplied free with each coursebook. The project file contains twenty pages, one for each Writing Topic from the coursebook. Each page includes a model composition and guidance, plus space for students to rewrite their own piece of writing.

Athena’s Adventure
Athena’s Adventure 

“Athena's Adventure” is a reader that provides students with the opportunity to enjoy reading for pleasure. While the reader is level-appropriate, it offers students a realistic experience as users of English in that the language used is slightly more extensive than that in the coursebook.