Grammar Wheel 3

Grammar Wheel 3 Student's
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Kane A.

Grammar Wheel 3, the third level of the Grammar Wheel series, is designed for children whose mother tongue is Greek. Its structure is such that it may be used with any A2-level coursebook. Grammar Wheel 3 consists of 15 units, each divided into 3 lessons. Each lesson contains:

  • cartoons which highlight the language pattern of the lesson
  • a clear, easy-to-understand grammar presentation in tables with a detailed explanation of the grammar phenomenon in each table in both English and Greek
  • a variety of recognition and production tasks

At the end of each unit is the Panorama section with revision tasks for further consolidation and exercise. Also, there is a 2-page revision section after every three units. In addition, there is a unit-by-unit glossary at the back of the book containing the unknown words of each unit in alphabetical order together with their Greek translation.

Teacher's Book 
The teacher’s book has overprinted answers.