Above & Beyond

Publication Year 
CEF Levels 
B1, B1+, B2
Alasdair Steele
About this series 

Welcome to our new three-level series Above & Beyond for levels B1, B1+ and B2. A series that invites students to aim higher and further by embracing a journey to knowledge through our changing world.

The philosophy behind the Above & Beyond series

The main aim of this series is to improve students’ English while at the same time boosting their critical thinking skills and increasing their awareness of our world’s rich variety of cultures, viewpoints and lifestyles.

The unit themes have been chosen with the aim of providing learners with the useful vocabulary they need at these levels, presented via interesting, age-appropriate material. There is an emphasis on cross-curricular tasks and activities that encourage students to think independently, and develop and share their opinions.

With Above & Beyond, students take a step forward and dare to dream, or even do, the impossible. 

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