Dot & Dash A Junior & B Junior

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Young Learners
Doris Brumma
About this series 

Welcome to the Dot and Dash series, featuring Captain Grammar who helps pupils navigate through the challenging seas of English grammar in a humorous way!

The philosophy behind the Dot and Dash series

The series presents a hands-on approach to experiential learning and makes use of a range of classroom strategies and materials that teachers know work well with young learners. The uncomplicated and consistent lesson structure will prove a powerful tool for teachers and students alike.

The main objectives of the series is to teach English through cross-curricular activities, creative awareness and the promotion of values such as cooperation and respect for others, to teach grammar through a cartoon story, to familiarise students with the alphabet, vocabulary and basic grammar structures, to promote their fine motor skills and to make use of their individual learning styles (auditory, visual, tactile).

A novel feature of the Dot and Dash series is Captain Grammar, a cartoon story that unfolds in episodes, presenting the grammar focus of each lesson in a fun way. 

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