Fly High

Publication Year 
CEF Levels 
A1, A1+, A2
Hillside Press
About this series 

Fly High is a three-level course of English which takes students from Beginner to Pre-intermediate level (CEF Levels A1-A2). It is aimed at young people living in today’s world. Fly High makes use of a range of strategies which will help students understand and process information in English, as well as develop their critical thinking and social skills. Gear up your students to Fly High!

The philosophy behind the series

The course has been designed to systematically develop young children’s language skills through strong thematic links and an underlying subskills syllabus. The chosen topics for each one of the 10 units are in line with the topics specified by the CEFR for the A1 and A2 levels. The texts are informative and present ideas that are up to date and of interest to young children. The unit’s thematic thread runs through all the sections of the unit developing the four skills. The grammar and vocabulary are also presented in the unit’s thematic context to aid learning and consolidation. In parallel, the series involves an underlying subskills syllabus ensuring that students develop the tools they need to deal with any language situation appropriate at this level.

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