Jolly Good 1 & 2

Publication Year 
CEF Levels 
Young Learners 1, Young Learners 2
Doris Brumma
About this series 

An innovative series based on the experiential learning teaching approach. The series incorporates the principles of experiential learning, helping young children to learn through play and encouragement.

Philosophy of the Jolly Good series

The child, its interests and its age-specific needs are at the core of the series’ design. Games, puzzles, brain-teasers and multiple intelligence activities have been integrated into the mainstream teaching system. The methodology is based on research done by leading linguists on motivational strategies through play for L2 learners. In this way, the Jolly Good series encourages the child to be observant and creative and to use its imagination. It’s the only series that is accompanied by an interactive lift-the-flaps Alphabet book that promotes communication through visual, auditory and kinaesthetic means. It offers a fascinating opportunity for learning through a selection of stimulating and fun features that reduce “learner’s anxiety” and build the learner’s self-confidence and self-esteem while developing their language skills. The interactive Alphabet book is given free with the pupil’s coursebook.

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