Off The Wall 1, 2, 3

Publication Year 
CEF Levels 
A1, A1+, A2
Doris Brumma, Vicky Karahontzitis
About this series 

Off the Wall is a new three-level English course which takes students from Beginner to Pre-intermediate level (CEF Levels A1-A2). It is aimed at young people living in today’s multicultural world. Off the Wall makes use of a range of strategies to help students understand and process information in English, as well as develop their critical thinking and social skills. Off the Wall is a journey through the imagination, which takes learning beyond the classroom.

The philosophy behind the Off the Wall series

The book tells an engaging story in which two siblings accidentally discover that a mural in their new house can be used to enter another world. In this world, they meet and befriend a mysterious boy and his peculiar dog, and bear witness to a string of unusual events. The mural is the gateway through which Jack and Eliza explore imaginary places and bring back fresh knowledge to enrich their perception of the real world and their lives in it. And as students identify with the characters and their experiences, they also identify with the values these exemplify: sharing, kindness and respect for others, which are at the heart of the Off the Wall experience.

The course principally aims to:

  • help students improve their English, focusing on the four major skills: reading, listening, speaking and writing.
  • increase students’ language awareness and critical thinking skills.
  • promote social values such as respect, optimism and responsibility.
  • give students a new, clearer understanding of themselves, other people and the world in general.
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