Teammates 1, 2, 3

Publication Year 
CEF Levels 
A1, A1+, A2
Alasdair Steele
About this series 

The emphasis throughout this new series is on improving young learners’ language skills while, at the same time, encouraging them to play an active role in our rapidly-changing multicultural world.

The philosophy behind the Teammates series

Over the course of the year, pupils will develop their critical thinking skills, gain new knowledge of other cultures, learn to co-operate with others and become aware of the ways in which they themselves learn. In this way, the course enables pupils to use English for their personal, social and cognitive development.

The main aims of the course are to: a) help pupils to improve their English in a clear and methodical way, focusing on the four major skills: reading, speaking, listening and writing, b) increase pupils’ language awareness and critical thinking skills and c) give pupils a new, clearer understanding of themselves, their classmates and the wider world.

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