Publication Year 
CEF Levels 
B1, B1+, B2
Hillside Press
About this series 

CREATE! Our new series for young teenagers at levels B1, B1+, B2. The series gives students the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the demands of different exams while boosting their problem-solving skills and values system.

The philosophy behind the series

There are three main threads running through the series:

Values syllabus: The students are methodically exposed to a set of values that help them become self-confident, autonomous learners, equipped with critical thinking and communication skills.

Subskills syllabus: The carefully developed subskills syllabus aims to make students aware of the specific ways of thinking they need to assume and practise in order to develop their language skills. The systematic approach ensures that students develop the tools they need to deal with any language situation.

Strong thematic links: The themes are presented via interesting age-appropriate material that are up-to-date and challenge teenagers. The theme of each unit runs through all unit sections, including grammar and vocabulary, aiding learning and consolidation.

Video Presentation