Rusty Pre-Junior

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Young Learners
Doris Brumma
About this series 

Rusty! Our new series for young learners. Rusty, Tammy, Joey and Bobby the big dog will befriend young learners and accompany them on the start of their English-language learning journey. The series expands to Junior A & B levels. It also includes a one-year course for Junior A and B.

The philosophy behind the Rusty series

The Rusty series presents a smooth and well-structured English course for young learners. Rusty motivates pupils to follow the lesson at a comfortable learning pace. Teachers will find a variety of materials to use to extend their pupils' experience and create a pleasant classroom environment. Rusty for Pre-Junior has been specifically designed to guide early primary pupils through their very first steps in the English language.

Rusty Pre-Junior is accompanied by Colour with Rusty!: a colouring book that helps pupils develop their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination while having fun.