Advanced Courses / The New Outsiders

The New Outsiders C1

CEF Level 
Kane A.

The New Outsiders is the fourth book of The Outsiders series. Its objective is to help students to complete the advanced level in the English language. The coursebook is divided into 15 units organized in 5 sections. Each section starts with a clear presentation of the learning objectives of the units that follow and ends with self-assessment pages. Each unit includes:

  • Reading Comprehension: variety of text types, variety of reading comprehension tasks, open questions
  • Vocabulary: vocabulary tasks based on the texts, “expand your vocabulary” tasks (phrasal verbs, collocations, etc.)
  • Grammar: short and concise presentation of the grammar phenomenon of the unit, tasks testing the grammar phenomenon
  • Listening Comprehension: variety of listening task types
  • Speaking: divided into three parts; includes ice-breaking questions, individual or pairwork tasks, questions and discussion developing the theme, etc.
  • Writing: variety of writing task types

At the end of the book, there are the Grammar Appendix, which includes additional information about each grammar phenomenon, the Speaking Appendix with vocabulary and ideas for each speaking task, and the Writing Appendix, which includes useful vocabulary, expressions and extra tasks for each unit.