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The New On the Move C2

CEF Level 
Kane A.

The new On the Move coursebook is a proficiency-level coursebook and it is addressed to students who wish to perform well in the CPE and ECPE examinations. The material presented in the 14 units of the book has been chosen to:

  • Give students a clear understanding of issues affecting our lives
  • Arouse interest and generate discussion
  • Promote a critical awareness of the world we live in and the challenges we face
  • Give students the background required for writing and speaking

The odd-numbered units focus on CPE skills and task types, while the even-numbered units focus on ECPE preparation.

Each unit consists of:

  • Think!: a warm-up task which draws on students’ previous knowledge and introduces the topic of the unit
  • Reading: one or more texts in the style of those found in either the CPE or ECPE exam, together with corresponding reading comprehension tasks
  • Follow-up questions: an opportunity to gain a clearer understanding of the text(s) while reinforcing awareness and interest
  • Vocabulary: a set of rigorous tasks to consolidate the new lexical items from the reading text(s) and practise the lexical elements of the exams at this level
  • Phrasal verbs: an indispensable section for any student of advanced English
  • Grammar: a thorough overview of the most useful phenomena with further attention to advanced-level details, followed by appropriate tasks
  • Listening: tasks which consolidate students’ grasp of the language and provide CPE or ECPE exam practice
  • Speaking: thematically-linked photographs or prompt material for productive discussion and preparation for the CPE or ECPE
  • Writing: two thematically-linked exam-type tasks (one CPE-type task and one ECPE-type task)
  • A variety of other exam-style tasks including language awareness questions, summary writing tasks, multiple-choice cloze texts, open cloze texts, gapped sentences and ECPE-style multiple-choice vocabulary and grammar tasks
  • 5 appendices: 1 grammar appendix, 2 speaking appendices, 2 writing appendices