Exams / Proficiency Grammar & Use of English

Proficiency Grammar and Use of English

CEF Level 
Alasdair Steele

The Proficiency Grammar and Use of English book has been designed to give students in-depth knowledge of the grammar phenomena and types of lexical items tested at Proficiency (C2) level. It is suitable for students preparing for the Cambridge English: Proficiency (CPE) examination, the Michigan Examination for the Certificate in English (ECPE) or any other examination at C2 level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for languages.

The Student’s Book contains:

  • 20 units each with a clear, comprehensive presentation of grammar phenomena

  • a variety of tasks which thoroughly test the grammar phenomena presented

  • presentation and testing of collocations, set expressions, phrasal verbs, confusing words, prepositional phrases and dependent prepositions

  • revision sections after every two units which recycle and consolidate the material covered

  • CPE examination-style tasks, including key word transformations, word formation tasks, multiple-choice cloze texts and open cloze texts

  • ECPE examination-style grammar and vocabulary sections

  • useful appendices featuring word formation, phrasal verbs and prepositions

  • a glossary with a Greek translation of the more difficult words from each unit