Exams / ESB B2 Preparation & 8 Practice Tests

ESB B2 Preparation & 8 Practice Tests

CEF Level 
Hillside Press

The main aim of this book is to improve students’ skills and maximise their performance in all five papers of the exam adopting a novel approach. This book approaches exam preparation as a process of familiarising students with strategies that reinforce comprehension of written and spoken language and help them to make use of all they have learned so far.

Book Organisation

The book is divided into two main sections: exam preparation and exam practice. In the exam preparation section, there are five preparation modules, one for each paper (Listening, Reading, Use of English, Writing and Speaking) of the ESB B2 exam. In the exam practice section, there are eight practice tests that follow the format of the exam.

Preparation Modules

Each module fully covers a different ESB B2 paper giving plenty of examples, practice and TIPS for the exam. There are also THINK BOXES that provide students the opportunity to think about their own learning process. At the end of each module, there’s a ‘putting it all together’ section. This is guided practice for each paper. Students can either do this section individually or with a partner. Following is an exam round-up and a self-evaluation section.

Supplementary Material

Following the preparation modules, there is supplementary material to add to the preparation work students have completed thus far. This includes:

  • extra Speaking questions for all topics per part for extra practice
  • functional language for all parts of the Speaking Paper
  • useful expressions for the Writing Paper
  • grammar reference which covers the grammar points that students are expected to know at this level
  • a list of common phrasal verbs with English definitions and example sentences
  • a glossary with a Greek translation

Practice Tests

There are eight full practice tests. These are modelled on the exact format of the exam. Regarding the Speaking Papers, we have included the examiner’s framework so that practice is more realistic and, therefore, more effective.