Primary Courses / OLLY THE OWL one-year course Junior A & B

OLLY THE OWL one-year course

CEF Level 
Young Learners
Doris Brumma

The uncomplicated and consistent lesson structure in the Coursebook of the Olly the Owl one-year course will prove a powerful tool for experienced and new teachers alike. Throughout the course, emphasis is given to listening and repeating. This is followed up with emphasis on writing and grammar. The lessons provide a clear grammar based curriculum with parallel activities in reading, speaking, listening and writing. Age-appropriate theme-based vocabulary is introduced in every lesson.

More specifically, the Coursebook consists of:

  • 40 theme-based lessons, introducing grammar and thematically linked vocabulary. Each lesson is a two-page spread.
  • 42 songs, one in each lesson that can be used to reinforce the vocabulary and grammar taught in the lessons. There are two extra songs as well; The Birthday Song and The Star Pupil song, to be used in specific occasions.
  • 8 Revision sections, one after every 5 Lessons that provide additional practice of vocabulary and language structures presented in the lessons. They can be used as a progress check and ongoing self-assessment. No new material is presented in the Revision sections.
  • 7 well-known children’s stories adapted to suit learners at this level. There are suggestions for pre-listening and post-listening activities, as well as games and projects, on the corresponding Teacher’s Book pages.
  • a 6-page fold-out section that connects English to other curricular areas and give pupils the opportunity to connect to the real world with fun projects involving art/craft work. A special cartoon section is dedicated to promote values such as good manners, interaction with others, etc.
  • fun holiday projects
  • 2 stickers pages at the back of the Coursebook, which are to be used in specific activities. These activities promote pupils’ listening, reading and speaking skills in a motivating and learner-friendly way.