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Olly the Owl pre-junior

CEF Level 
Young Learners
Doris Brumma

The lesson structure of Olly the Owl Pre-junior is straightforward. Throughout the course, emphasis is given to listening and repeating, with secondary emphasis on letter-writing, and structured reading remaining optional.

The Pupil’s Coursebook consists of 30 two-page spread lessons:

  • 5 audio and oral lessons, at the beginning of the book, focusing on basic vocabulary, colours, numbers, functional language and singing. These first lessons bring together listening, recognition and repetition along with ample pre-writing activities.
  • 13 alphabet lessons teaching the name and sound of the letters which are represented with easy-to-read words and songs. Emphasis is on recognition, but optional, extra material is provided in the teacher’s book to promote production and teach the first stages of reading.
  • 12 theme-based lessons introducing thematically linked vocabulary and basic language functions.
  • 5 follow-the-pictures children’s stories adapted for this level. The stories are presented audiovisually, without texts. There are suggestions for activities on the corresponding teacher’s book pages.
  • A 6-page fold-out section combining pre-writing activities and promoting cross-curricular features and social values such as personal hygiene or road safety and interpersonal interaction.

All lessons include songs and games that help pupils practise the language focus of the lesson in a fun and creative way.

The incorporated Workbook mirrors the structure of the Coursebook, providing further opportunity for practice. Emphasis is given to speaking, but also provides more written practice of the letters introduced in the Coursebook.